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Hardwood Windows.

Timber has been the number one manufacturer’s choice for centuries. This is due to its incredible durability and hard wearing properties. TPL Trade have been supplying and designing bespoke Hardwood products for over 22 years now. With this experience, we always advise the use of hardwood materials over the use of softwoods in every possible cause. Most of our Hardwood products are manufactured using Merranti, but we also manufacture bespoke products using Oak and Sapele, upon special request. We offer a large range of bespoke designs for Conservatories, Orangeries, Double Glazed Windows, Bi-fold Doors and any other type of Hardwood products.


We design bespoke Hardwood products tailored to your specification, to compliment the characteristics of your home or business. With a nationwide customer base in the UK we have a wide range of needs to cater for, which means Timber is the perfect material to use as it allows us to supply the highest quality goods for all our clients. Once handcrafted or custom-joined any Hardwood product, we offer you a wide range of colours and finishes, stained or painted to your choice.


Hardwood products really stand the test of time, lasting for decades. If they’re well cared for, they maintain the stunning finnish we give every one of our unique designs. The timber we supply is sourced from sustainable forests, and all our Hardwood products can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way if they eventually come to the end of their long lives.