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Stratus Lantern Roof.

Stratus is an innovative, fully thermally broken lantern roof system that ticks all the boxes for a flat roof renovation or extension – aluminium finish, quick installation and modern aesthetics. Everything about Stratus is cutting-edge and stylish. With a contemporary design supported solely by the hip rafters, a 66% smaller ridge and built-in thermal break technology. Sratus is built for modern living.

Innovative Construction

Thermal break technology ensures rooms stay warm in the winter and cooler during the summer. A low conductive element seperates the aluminium exteriors, providing an insulating thermal break to reduce heat transfer.

Dual Colour Options

Stratus is available in Crisp White and Anthrecite Grey for an effortlessly minimilist finish. Plus, choose dual colour on the same lead times for a look that semlessly complements both the exterior and interior decor.