Frameless Lantern Roof - TPL Trade

Standard Colours

Black, white, grey (bespoke colours available on request)


The Wendland flat skylight is designed to provide the maximum in uninterrupted sightlines and is available in a number of square or rectangular sizes.

Internal sizes range from 600mm x 600mm upto 2500mm in length


The optional kerb is factory assembled and delivered in one piece to reduce time on site

  1. 4 degree pitch for optimum performance
  2. Weathering tape for double waterproofing on joints
  3. Self-aligning internal reinforcement for fast installation
  4. Tilt fillet for optimum membrane run off
  5. Fully welded mitred frame means you can install the skylight and waterproof it later

Frameless Lantern Roof.

The ultra-modern Roof Pyramid / Lantern is one of the slimmest designs on the market today, providing more light transmittance than most. Traditionally, other companies use bars which makes them bulky and obtrusive and U values are also effected, making ours more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Consisting of glass to glass joins with thermal foam barrier using a glass of just 1.0 U value the product will keep you warm even in the harshest of conditions. Along with Solar reflective self cleaning glass, it keeps the suns UV rays down to a minimum.

Product Specifications.

  • Thermally broken aluminium comprising of 2 x 32mm polyamide inserts
  • Finished in a tough and long lasting polyester powdercoated paint
  • 23mm overhang for a better weather tight seal
  • Glass from 1.0 U value to 0.2
  • Glass spec is 4 / 22 / 4 heat soaked toughened glass
  • Ultra-Slim frame
  • Sleek glass to glass joins
  • Lead time 12-14 working days

Frameless Opening Rooflight.

Introducing our new Frameless Opening Rooflight in electric or manually operated versions, boasting market leading U-values along with industry leading water tightness using our own triple seal system. A first of its kind which is fully frameless internally, allowing more sky and less frame, and externally keeping framework to a minimum to achieve the slimline appearance which aesthetically compliments the range of our fixed Rooflights. This, together with our Fix-Glaze Rooflight, boasts only the best in high end components for safe working and product lengevity. As usual, our Opening Rooflight comes with Solar Reflective Self-Cleaning Glass as standard on all our rooflights. With a glass U-value of just 1.0, this is unrivalled in its design and performance.

  • 4 x 35mm Polyamide inserts
  • Triple Seal Gasket System
  • Finished in a tough and long lasting polyester powder coated paint
  • Glass Specs – 6/18/6 or 6/20/4
  • Double Glazed or Triple Glazed option
  • Thermally Broken Aluminium
  • Product lead time 3 weeks

Electric Opening Rooflight.

  • Electric Opening of 400mm
  • Includes wireless remote
  • Rain sensor available
  • Rocker switch available
  • 230 volt motors

Manually Opening Rooflight.

  • 90 degree opening
  • Stainless Steel T handle
  • This is generally used for maintenance
  • Double lock security latches
  • Steel strengthened frame
  • Gas strut assisted

Glass Specification.

  • Solar Control Self Cleaning Glass
  • DOW 3362 Structural Grade Sealed Double Glazed Unit
  • Black Thermal Spacer Bar
  • Argon Gass Filled
  • Soft Coat
  • Toughened
  • Polished
  • Arrised Edges

Walk On Glass.


Created primarily for internal installations, the walk on glass panels are an ingenious solution for increasing the amount of natural light that flows through a home or commercial property. The glass panels are also suitable to be installed externally ie. over a well or as a statement feature in a garden.

  • Black marine quality polyester powder coated aluminium frame
  • Bespoke custom-built sizes delivered within three weeks
  • Walk on glass floors are available in a range of finishes


Walk on glass panels are increasing in popularity and are becoming a first choice for builders, developers and architects. Walk on glass panels can transform dark spaces encouraging natural light to flow throughout a property.

Also popular with homeowners who like to place the glass panels over old wells in gardens/kitchens to show them off as a feature rather than covering them over.